How to Organize a Campaign

(A campaign is a long term persistent effort to achieve a goal.)

Steps to plan a campaign

1.  On a large sheet of paper write the goal for the campaign.

2.  On another sheet make a list of possible allies.   Decide how many people will have to be involved in order to reach your goal?

3.  Make a list of obstacles the campaign will face.

4.  Make a list of opportunities – things going for you.

5.  Make a list of things you need to know; research that needs to be done.

6.  Decide what are you actually going to do?  Brainstorm actions to take, including research and outreach to allies.  (It’s important to spend enough time on this.)  After you get a list, roughly put actions and activities in order to make a rough time-line.  What things have to be done first?

You will now start work.

You will need to divide up tasks in your plan.  You will need to have regular meetings.  The campaign will evolve and you will discover more opportunities and allies as you go along.

At each meeting you will need to do several things:

1.  Report on what has been done since the last meeting.

2.  Have a short evaluation session on how the campaign is going.

3.  Decide what needs to be done next (including additional research and coming up with new actions)

4.  Assign tasks to carry out what needs to be done.  Who is going to do each thing?  See that they have the help they need to get it done.  Be sure to give each other support.