UHPA at the Tulip Festival

About Us

Peace Action is the largest membership peace group in the United States, with 27 state affiliates and over 100 chapters nationwide.

Upper Hudson Peace Action is the Peace Action chapter for the New York Capital  District region, including Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Saratoga and nearby communities.

We are one of 18 chapters of Peace Action New York State.

We have been active locally since 1982. We oppose the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  We advocate complete nuclear disarmament.  We work for peace between Israel and Palestine.  We campaign against the bloated military budget and seek real security through international cooperation, economic justice and human rights.

Peace Action was formed by the merger of two organizations:

  • The Committee for a SANE Nuclear Policy, which paved the way for the Partial Nuclear Test Ban of 1963 and organized the first mass protests against the Vietnam War, and
  • the Nuclear Freeze campaign, which helped reverse the dangerous military buildup of the 1980’s.

Our Branches
Each of our seven neighborhood based branches functions as an independent peace group.

Email Alert List
If you join this list you will receive notices of Peace Action sponsored and endorsed events as well as occasional suggestions of actions you can take to support our work.  This is a low traffic list – a few messages per week; some weeks none.

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