Donations to Upper Hudson Peace Action

Upper Hudson Peace Action depends on your donations!
Membership: You are a member of Peace Action
when you make an annual donation to Upper Hudson Peace Action.

Note: Please use the “Recurring Monthly Donation” if possible!

A regular membership is $30 per year (select $2.50 monthly)
A family membership is $50 per year (select $4.20 monthly)
A limited income membership is $10 per year (select $0.85 monthly)

Donations of any size are welcomed! Also, if you use Amazon, please use AmazonSmile— this has the same prices, but a percentage is donated to the charity of your choice: click on AmazonSmile– Peace Action NYS

To contribute with a check,
mail your contribution to:

Peace Action
33 Central Avenue
Albany, New York 12210

Make a Recurring Monthly Donation

donation options

Donating to Peace Action with a recurring donation is very helpful for our fundraising.
Note: at the prompt, enter your own PayPal account login. If you need to open a PayPal account, it is easy and secure to set up, and will save your payment information to make donating easier than ever. To be a member, choose the $2.50 or higher monthly recurring donation, or $4.20 for a family membership.


Choose your donation amount from the above pull-down menu
($4.20 for family, $2.50 for single, $0.85, for limited income)

One-Time Donation:

To make a secure one-time donation by using your credit card click on this Donate button. Note: At the prompt, use your own PayPal account login, or set one up:

Thanks for your support of Peace Action!