Afghanistan Questions and Answers
A Handout (pdf)

Afghanistan: a Failed Military Strategy
A primer for Peace Activists, published by the September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows. (pdf)


The war in Afghanistan is not a good war.  It has been a mistake from the beginning.  The U.S. is clearly once again in the middle of a civil war.  Despite changing U.S. war strategies, the war goes on and on.  It is important that our national leaders advocate peace and not the unending suffering of war.

Upper Hudson Peace Action believes that the U.S. needs to negotiate with all factions within Afghanistan, including the Taliban, and with the countries surrounding Afghanistan, including Iran and Pakistan, to agree upon a peace process that will allow Afghanis to select their own government. As part of that process the U.S. will need to withdraw all US military forces from Afghanistan.