Ongoing Activities of the Palestinian Rights Committee

  • A vigil held each March to commemorate the life, work and death of Rachel Corrie, a young American crushed to death in Gaza in 2003 by an American-made, 70 ton Israeli bulldozer as she tried to block the demolition of a Palestinian home.More information on Rachel Corrie:
  • An annual Children’s Memorial Day Flower Vigil to mourn the more than 1000 Palestinian and Israeli children killed since the Fall of 2000.  Participants bring a flower to symbolize both the fragility and beauty of life.  Each name is read.  The flower vigil is intended to unite Jews, Palestinians, and others who hope for peace.
  • Traveling to Israel/Palestine to visit and work with peace groups, friends and relatives.
  • Speaking in public to share our experiences in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.
  • Supporting Palestinian, Israeli and American groups struggling non-violently for peace with justice.
  • Obtaining first hand information about the conflict and sharing it as widely as we can.
  • Campaigning to open the Al-Bweira Road.