Donations to Upper Hudson Peace Action

Upper Hudson Peace Action depends on your donations!
Membership: You are a Member of Peace Action when you make an annual donation to Upper Hudson Peace Action. Note: Use the “Recurring Monthly Donation” if possible!

  • A regular membership is $30 per year (select $2.50 monthly)
  • a family membership is $50 per year (select $4.20 monthly)
  • a limited income membership is $10 per year (select $0.85 monthly)

Donations of any size are welcomed! Also, if you use Amazon, please use AmazonSmile— this has the same prices, but a percentage is donated to the charity of your choice: click on AmazonSmile– Peace Action NYS

To contribute with a check, mail your contribution to:

Peace Action
33 Central Avenue
Albany, New York 12210

Make a Recurring Monthly Donation

Donating to Peace Action with a recurring donation is very helpful for our fundraising.
Note: at the prompt, enter your own PayPal account login. If you need to open a PayPal account, it is easy and secure to set up, and will save your payment information to make donating easier donation optionsthan ever.

Monthly Recurring Donations
(Choose your donation amount from the above pull down menu ($4.20 for family, $2.50 for single, $0.85, for limited income)

One Time Donation:

To make a secure one time donation by using your credit card click on this Donate button. Note: At the prompt, use your own PayPal account login, or set one up:

Thanks for your support of Peace Action!