Larry Wittner bio –

Lawrence Wittner (Ph.D., Columbia University, 1967) is Professor of History Emeritus at the State University of New York/Albany.  He has served as president of the Peace History Society (an affiliate of the American Historical Association) and as convener of the Peace History Commission of the International Peace Research Association.  Currently, he is co-chair of the national board of Peace Action, the largest grassroots peace organization in the United States.   A former co-editor of the scholarly journal Peace & Change, he is also the author or editor of thirteen books, including Rebels Against War, The Biographical Dictionary of Modern Peace Leaders, Peace Action, Working for Peace and Justice, and the award-winning scholarly trilogy, The Struggle Against the Bomb (Stanford University Press), which is available in abbreviated form as Confronting the Bomb.  His hundreds of published articles and book reviews have appeared in journals, magazines, newspapers, and online publications around the world.  He has given lectures about peace and disarmament in dozens of nations, and has spoken about such issues at the Norwegian Nobel Institute and at the United Nations.

A resident of Albany, NY, Professor Wittner is available to give talks about the historic treaty to ban nuclear weapons.  The treaty, adopted by an overwhelming vote in the United Nations in July 2017, will be open for signing by nations around the world in September 2017.