Bethlehem High School Opt-Out Campaign Materials

Table of Contents (Materials used in the campaign.)

Dear Fellow Activists,

This is Noah Greenstein and I am currently president of Bethlehem Central High School’s student activist group known as SPAS, or Students for Peace And Survival. Several years ago I learned about Section 9528 of the No Child Left Behind Act which requires schools to release the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of students to military recruiters upon request.

I also learned that students can fill out an Opt-Out Form to withhold their information. Outraged by this law I wanted to start an Opt-Out Campaign so I could raise awareness about this issue with the ultimate goal of inspiring more kids to hand in Opt-Out Forms to withhold their information.

When I became president of SPAS my top priority was to plan and organize a successful Opt-Out Drive in our school. However, as I was preparing for the drive in early September of this year I realized the Opt-Out Forms must be handed in to the administration by September 15 which did not leave our group enough time to plan an Opt-Out Drive. Instead, we changed our focus and currently SPAS is getting students to sign petitions which we are going to present to the school board. These petitions urge the School Board to change Bethlehem’s current Opt-Out Policy to make it easier for students to Opt-Out. Hopefully, over the next couple of months with enough support we can make a meaningful change in Bethlehem’s’ Opt-Out Policy.

Here are all the materials SPAS has used during its Opt-Out Campaign. I encourage all of you to take these materials and try to plan Opt-Out Drives in your own schools.

You have the ability to make a difference

If you have any questions or want a digital copy of the materials please email me at or call me at 641-8474.

You can also get help by contacting the NYCLU’s military recruitment and students’ rights project organizer, Ari Rosmarin, at 212-607-3300 or



Noah Greenstein

President, SPAS

Table of Contents (Materials used in the campaign.)