Cost of War Awareness Project Electronic Sign in the Capital District

Electronic Cost of War Sign The Peace Action of New York State Cost of War Electronic Sign was initiated in the Capital District during October and November 2011. The Cost of War Awareness Project is an effort to inform the public on the constantly-escalating cost of funding two wars. By raising awareness of the cost of war, we will provoke discussions about our nation’s military spending habits and allocation of tax dollars. Since 2001, taxpayers in the state of New York have paid over $108 billion for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Click here to see how this money could have been used more effectively.

The sign has been used in Saratoga Springs, NY for the Saratoga Peace Week and traveled around the rest of Capital District during October and November.   It was at area peace vigils and at Occupy rallies.

Note: For much of the time it is located in the front window of the Social Justice Center, where it is visible to the thousands of cars and pedestrians passing.

You can schedule the sign by contacting Mark Klein at 518-346-0517.  For information click here.