Build a Greener, More Peaceful Economy

By Not Investing in Fossil Fuels & Weapons

Free Online Interactive Talk With Michael Richardson, Co-founder of Rivers & Mountains Greenfaith

Date:  June 14, 2023     

The recording of the session can be found here:

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Details: This talk contains some useful green investment and banking strategies for all of us – no need to have a stash of cash

Discussion Will Include Information About

Personal Banking – find community banks and credit unions that use deposits for local ventures.

Credit Cards – find alternative cards that do not invest in fossil fuel projects.

Home & Auto Insurance – find local, small insurance companies that don’t invest with fossil fuel projects.

Retirement Investments – learn about your current investment fund and how to find alternative greener investments… and how to find an environmentally conscious financial advisor.

About the speaker: Lifelong activist, Michael Richardson, is co-founder of Rivers & Mountains GreenFaith, an inter-faith group of climate activists in the Hudson Valley of New York State in coalition with Stop the Money Pipeline, Third Act, and GreenFaith (international).  He also is on the steering committee of NY Renews, the force behind the landmark NYS Climate Act.