Saratoga Peace Alliance Minutes December 5, 2009

Present: Claire Cafaro Jim Fulmer Linda LeTendre Barbara Murphy Nancy Weber

1-    Fahima Vorgetts  of Women for Afghan Women will be at the Saratoga Library, Glasby Room,  on Monday Dec. 7 at 7 p.m. She is an inspiring charismatic speaker who posseses wisdom on the realities in Afghanistan and will speak about how the U.S. should and should not be involved  She will have articles for sale, if you can come early to help bring them into the library, that would be appreciated.
Flyers about this event will be distributed after the vigil today.
Linda will contact the Saratogian for press coverage. This is a last minute opportunity, please try to attend to learn first hand from an Afghan woman about the condition of women in her country.

2- Linda is eager to attend the emergency rally, Peace of the Action, in Wash.D.C. next Saturday Dec. 12. Please call her if you are interested in car pooling.

3-  Upper Hudson Peace Action meets Wed. Dec. 16 , 7 p.m.
at the Peace and Justice Center in Albany. Jim wanted to know if Peace Action is tying in the International Peace Walk with their efforts toward nuclear non-proliferation. We will try to find out.
David Easter will scale back his work with Peace Action due to health considerations. Ideas for covering the work he’s been doing are welcome. Linda and Claire plan to attend the meeting, others are very welcome to join them. Call Linda or Claire if interested.
Peace Action NY is planning to get a major speaker for April 12 2010 at the Ethical Culture Society in NYC, thanks to a major bequest. Through the same bequest it may be possible for our chapter to hold an educational event or peace action.

4-  Peace Fair The Presbyterian Church folks have been meeting to discuss next year’s plans. Linda will continue as SPA’s liaison to the group. We talked about the possibility of SPA doing some fundraising. Linda will put together a proposal for our Jan. meeting, Linda is also forwarding $170 she received from work colleagues as a SPA donation to the peace fair. Thanks Linda!

5- A major direct action is being planned for Tuesday March 20 in Washington D.C. We talked about reviving/forming an Affinity Group to support the action.

6-  Nancy Weber and Eliott Adams will speak about their recent trip to  Israel/Palestine on  Saturday Jan. 30 at 1:30 p.m. at the Presbyterian Church on Circular St.

7- Martin Luther King Day celebration.  It’s possible that the 2010 celebration may be scaled back.

Claire Cafaro

Also,Pat McEvoy and the UU church invite us to pariticipate in a vigil for climate action success in Copenhagen. It’s only an hour…PLEASE join us if you can!! Then go home & check out & take heart from all the people all around the world who have joined with us in this effort.    And have a happy holiday!

Friday, 11 December 2009 – 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Please join hopeful people all over the world to send a message to Copenhagen that NOW is the time…maybe the last time!

Bring a candle and a paper cup and join us in front of the Post Office. It would be wonderful
to have enough people to stand a few feet apart all along Broadway!!!


What to bring:
Dress warmly
Let your kids make a sign that simply says 350–the parts per million of CO2 considered “healthy.” (We are now at 394 & rising!}