Pat Beetle Bio

The Albany Times Union describes Pat Beetle as the grand dame of activism in the Capital Region. She has been the major leader of Upper Hudson Peace Action ever since it’s beginning. She was the original co-chair of the US-USSR Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign. She went on to serve for many years as the coordinator of Upper Hudson Peace Action and now serves as our chair.

Pat has worked with the Alternatives to Violence Program since 1979, working with prisoners in New York State prisons. She has served on the board of Albany’s Mediation Center. She has participated at the national level in the Friends Committee for National legislation.

She has taken the lead in advancing peace issues among New York State Quakers. For many years she has clerked the Peace and Service Committee of Albany Friends Meeting. She has served several terms on the Upstate New York Committee of the American Friends Service Committee.

Pat has stood countless hours on vigil lines, circulated petitions, met with elected officials, and handed out tens of thousands of leaflets protesting the Vietnam War, the US wars on Central America, and both Iraq wars. On several occasions she has been arrested for committing civil disobedience.